Monday, 9 August 2010

Carlos Francisco - Fortaleza Bacana

Seems like a while since we heard anything from Unrivaled Music, but now they’re back! back! BACK! (thank you, Smash Hits circa 1984) with this lush midtempo deep house groover.

Fortaleza Bacana comes in three mixes: the Original plus re-rubs from D’Zeta N Basile and Soulight. D’Zeta N Basile’s mix is less pad-tastic and adds lots of cut-up, heavily-treated vocal snips, while Soulight’s mix has a slighty techier feel, so between the three pretty much any deep jock should find something to play here.

Out: Now, give or take

About: Carlos Francisco has, it says here, been DJing since 1988 and held residencies at Ministry, The Cross, Turnmills and Privilege.

Unrivaled Music are based in sunny Essex. Here's their MySpace.

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