Thursday, 26 August 2010

Funkyloco - Locomotion EP

Regular readers of this blog or iDJ will know I'm a bit of a fan of Jazzy Eyewear and his So Sound Recordings label… well, this is the latest from So Sound's sister label Uma Recordings, and it gives me no reason to alter my opinion whatsoever!

It's a four-track affair. First you have Cool & Jazzy, which pretty much does what it says and which would make perfect warm-up/Sunday session/post-club/sundown material. Next there's Psycho Club, a more discofied and uptempo joint with a satisfyingly rumbling low-end, swiftly followed by Que Buena Cabrona, which is a notch tougher with its unrelenting kicks but also adds in a little Latin/Afro flava around the edges. And then with EP closer Something Groovie we're back in Sneak-y looped disco territory, with some great snippets of sampled dialogue and dancefloor energy to spare.

All told, then, it's a pleasingly varied EP that'll see deep house jocks right in a variety of situations; what more can we ask for, really? Apparently it's already had props from everyone from Tedd Patterson to Richie Hawtin, and deservedly so.

Out: Tomorrow (August 27)

About: As stated, this is on Uma Recordings, an offshoot of the excellent So Sound. Funkyloco himself hails from Argentina, his real name's Pablo Varela and he cites influences like Strictly Rhythm, Tribal America and Murk so you know his musical heart's in the right place!

**UPDATE: You can hear Cool & Jazzy on the This Is Why We Dance Mixcloud Show #2, if you've a mind to - link above

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