Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mighty Mouse - Disco Battle Weapons Vol 1

Not much that should need explaining here, just two cuts on vinyl from nu-disco faves Mighty Mouse.

Junglefish is a summery, upbeat, loop-y affair that builds slowly into something quite Balearic-sounding. The Beast on the B is a more lo-slung, down n' dirty-type number with an Ital flavour. Either will move your disco-flavoured floor… though they're unlikely to go home humming either.

Out: This week

About: Apparently these two tracks were made for the Disco Circus 2 compilation which is due next month (and which should be well worth checking if Vol 1 is anything to go by), and Mighty Mouse are now working on their debut album. It says here. Oh yeah, and this is on their own Disco Circus Records, it's their first release and they don't seem to have, like, an interweb homepage or anything yet.

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