Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jamie Anderson ft K-Alexi - Cyclone [Remixes]

Must have missed the original of this when it (apparently) first came out in January this year, but never mind cos here's a bumper package of remixes… and a heavy-hitting remix set it is too, with rubs from Stacey Pullen and Fish Go Deep, as well as rising star Coyu and Anderson himself.

You'd be expecting underground house/techno of a very high standard, then… and you wouldn't be wrong. Not gonna go into every mix, but Coyu's Wild Koncept Mix pays homage to Wild Pitch tracks of yore, Fish Go Deep, er, go deep, Stacey Pullen turns in a percussive dancefloor techno jam with an added warping retro-futurist synth hook, while Anderson's Predator Remix is far busier affair than the original (which is included), which could take it to bigger floors. I think I'm gonna rock with Coyu, with Pullen's rub a close second, but whichever mix you plump for, this is a very strong package.

Out: This has been around on Beatport since late July, but only came out properly (ie, everywhere else) on this Monday just gone.

About: This comes courtesy of Mija Recordings, the Birmingham-based label run by Louis Osbourne who is I believe son of the mighty Ozzy. As I'm in a generous mood (and to save me reading and re-typing loads of info!) here's three links where you can find out more…

I'd start with the Soundcloud link, cos that's where you can actually HEAR THIS for yourself


  1. Thanks for the kind review! It's a great package that I put a lot of time & effort into...... I'm glad you like it! Respect.... Louis (& are are right about me dad!) x

  2. Phew (about being right about your Dad) and thanks for reaching out Louis!