Saturday, 7 August 2010

Mirza-Zadeh - Cloud Bustin' EP

Can't say Germany's Lucidflow has really registered on my consciousness much so far, but on this basis of this, their 11th release, perhaps I've not been paying close enough attention…

There are four tracks on here, all instrumentals, and while they don't individually do anything particularly paradigm-altering, they do add up to a very solid EP. Stripped-down, dubbed-out deep house/deep techno is the order of the day: this may not surprise you coming from Germany right now, of course, but it's all top quality stuff all the same. I shall start paying more attention…

Out: August 16

About: This is what the hype sheet has to say about Lucidflow so far:

"The label has been feeling its way and gathering fans as it has sought to deliver some of the finest in deep house and dubby techno."

Laudable aims indeed, I'm sure you'll agree! Here's their website.

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