Saturday, 28 August 2010

Various - Metrogroove pres Ibiza 2010

Up to my ears this Bank Holiday w/e in downloading this week's promos, reviewing stuff for iDJ and trying to find time to record a TIWWD Mixcloud show (recording difficulties having been resolved, at least temporarily), but if I don't review this now I never will, so here we are!

As with the Seamless Ibiza album below, the important thing is not to let the Ibiza tag put you off. Metrogroove has been flying the flag for classic-sounding vocal house for several years now and this ten-tracker makes an excellent calling card for the label, packed as it is with no-nonsense, club-friendly vocal cuts from the likes of Reza, Peyton (an unhip name I know but I don't give the proverbial flying one at a rolling doughnut, thanks – the boy can SING), World Of Colour and Distant People.

It's long on driving beats, disco basslines and tinkling ivories... it's refreshingly free of over-blown breakdowns, stoopid drum rolls and irritating Dutch-style high-end squeals n' squawks... and for the Unashamed Disco Dollies™ it's a proper uplifting treat. Check Don't Wanna by Nick Jay ft Toni Seawright, for starters: shut your eyes and you're at Holy City Zoo or Love To Be dancing to Allister Whitehead or Graeme Park all over again. Aah, those happy handbag days! Sigh.

Out: Ooh, now-ish, or thereabouts. They didn't say exactly.

About: See above! Metrogroove one of those labels (alongside Reelgroove and Purple Music, for instance) to look out for if you've yet to fall out of love with the classic 90s house club sound; find out more from their MySpace.

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