Saturday, 21 August 2010

Some albums, part two

Marco Corona
New York (Krone)
Marco Corona is probably most usually thought of as a techno producer. Which, indeed, he is – but with the boundaries between house and techno as blurred now as they've been at any time in the past 20 years, househeads will find plenty to love here. Previous singles The Queens Singers and Trumpet In Central Park gave us an idea what to expect; the good news is the complete album, which features 11 slabs of chunky, driving tech-house, each named after a different part of my favourite city in the world, doesn't disappoint one iota. This has been out for over a month now and why it hasn't been picking up more props baffles me, frankly.

Purobeach 6 (Seamless)
Coming more up to date now cos this one only came out last week. More lounge-y, chill out-y, jazzy deepness is the order of the day, and as they're on volume 6, anyone who's in the market for this kind of thing surely knows what to expect by now! Still, it's several cuts above most of the million and one 'chilled Ibiza'-type compilations that clutter up the racks, and so deserves a mention. Oh, and it also features the ultra-jazzual That's Saxism by the mighty Physics, another act who don't get anything like the respect they deserve (if you don't own their album First Flight, well, you might want to do something about that).

Seamless Sessions Ibiza 2010 (Seamless)
And speaking of Ibiza comps, albeit of the club rather than the chill-out variety, here's Seamless's contribution to this year's crop, which is OUT NEXT WEEK so yippee we've caught up! With tracks from the very respectable likes of Villa Gombao, Beaten Soul, Greg Stainer and Phonic Funk, it's a welcome reminder of two things: 1. Seamless is a much-maligned imprint that, despite the odd cheese slice, does put out some cracking house music and 2. All those tedious newspaper reports along the lines of 'Hey, go to Ibiza kids cos it's great now, there's electro and rock!' can fuck right off. House music all night long.

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