Monday, 23 August 2010

Robot Child - Dusty Hi/Link

This is the latest from Robot Child, AKA Tim Green or TG, who's also had stuff out on some pretty decent labels such as Dirtybird and fourtwenty.

Both tracks come from that place where house and techno collide, and on both Dusty Hi and Link they collide in a very satisfactory, bleepy, druggy, heads-down fashion. Though I think Dusty Hi would be my fave if I had to pick, erring as it does more towards deep, proggy house whereas Link is more techy.

Not much more to say about either track really but both will work on underground floors for sure. Less well at yer local Oceana*, perhaps…

Out: This week

About: This is on Sideways Recordings, which I was gonna say is a new label to me… until I looked at their website and realised that's exactly what I said when I reviewed one of their previous singles in iDJ. Doh!

Anyway, do have a look at their website cos it's got loads of their radio shows to download which is cool. The label's also co-owned by Keydin, by the way, who's definitely on my 'to watch' list at the mo', so that's all the more reason to get on the Sideways groovy train sooner rather than later…

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