Saturday, 14 August 2010

Lone - Angel Brain/Pineapple Crush

Lone Angel BRainA slice of rave nostalgia here as one Matt Cutler, AKA Lone, delivers two cuts with more than a whiff of Vicks about them. We're talking rave in the sense that incorporated Detroit techno and Balearic house, you understand, not just your bog-standard 132bpm breakbeat hardcore... but the overall feel is definitely rave-y. Just listen to those stabs!

Of the two tracks, Pineapple Crush is the more overtly/obviously rave in intent; Angel Brain uses all kinds of rave tricks but is just a touch more sedate in pace.

Out: Monday (Aug 16)

About: This is on a new label (Cutler's own) called Magic Wire, which is all I know, really. Lone has apparently had two albums out but as they apparently consisted of 'dreamy, hazed-out hip hop' it's not surprising I've not heard them, really. Not being that much of a hip hop person.

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