Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ramon Zenker & Harada - Sonic Dust

Sticking with the techier vibes, here we have another fine slab of techno courtesy of the ex-Hardfloor bloke and, er, his mate.

For some reason, the start of Sonic Dust reminds me of Texas Cowboys by The Grid… minus the harmonicas, but it's got that rolling kinda feel (then again, so did Acperience I guess, only that was a bit slower: this rolls at a higher-octane pace). Sonic Dust can also boast a neat line in pingy pongy noises, which is always good!

The Nikolai and Toni Rios & Andre Walter remixes don't do much that's hugely different (though not being a techno connoisseur maybe the subtleties are lost on me), although TR&AW's is a tad busier. Starskie's Hedgehog Remix is a very different beast, though, losing that rolling low-end rumble in favour of an uncompromising slo-mo Teutonic thump.

I'm sticking with the original, though: it's like an E rush in musical form. Not that I really get up to that kind of thing these days (officer).

Out: Not sure exactly, it just says August.

About: This is on Blu-Fin, a German label based in Cologne who've previously had stuff out by the likes of Lutzenkirchen, Martin Eyerer and Rainer Weichhold (including the ace Reis, which I recently reviewed either on here or in iDJ, I can't remember which). To find out more and HEAR THIS TRACK for yourself, visit the Blu-Fin MySpace.

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