Monday, 1 March 2010

Andy Compton – Acid Andy's Soul EP

Well, this does what it says on the tin for sure, cos both soul and acid elements abound across the four tracks here. And obviously they're by Andy, and presented in EP format, so that's all elements of the title covered pretty thoroughly.

On to the tracks themselves, then. That Acid Track is… well, aptly named! After the recent smooch-tastic Rural Soul LP, here we go to the other extreme with a high-octane (well, high-octane in deep house terms) slab of squelchy, 303-drenched dancefloor action… with a "relax, feel my soul" spoken vocal thrown in for good measure. The 303 action continues on Expand, albeit in a far more understated way and this time underpinning a drifty late-night deep houser featuring a spoken female vocal that seems to be taken from a self-help tape or some such. Loving You is another drifty, dreamy late-night affair, this one coming with a near-broken beat and – yes – another spoken vocal, while finally Samba is in a similar vein, but with a full Latin/carnival-style beat this time. And some wicked jazz-funk geetar action to boot!

Out: Now

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