Sunday, 14 March 2010

Blaze - We Are One [Kiko Navarro Remixes]

Right, I’m going to come right out and say it: I never rated We Are One much. Well, at all, if we’re being honest. I’m aware that lots of people love it, but the lyrics have always been a stumbling block for me – am I the only person who thinks they’re just FACILE BEYOND BELIEF? Normally I rate Blaze highly as songwriters, but that just goes to make We Are One, which sounds like it came from the Barney the Dinosaur songbook, even more of a disappointment.

So we’ll concentrate on the dubs here, shall we? Cos I’m loving those, and both the driving Look |nside Dub (which uses just a “look inside” vocal snip, and manages to toughen things up quite a bit without losing any of the musicality) AND the Viva UR Dub (a fully instrumental affair whose name describes its stripped, Detroit-influenced tack nicely) have definitely got a place in my heart.

There’s a vocal mix too but, well, you know my thoughts on the lyric. But good work Mr Navarro anyway, and yeah, check this, peeps! There’s also a Doc Martin Mix on the full release, apparently, but they’ve not sent that…

Out: Now (been out on Traxsource Promo for a few weeks, but out properly this week)

About: This is on the mighty King Street, who like Kevin Hedges and Josh Milan themselves, need no introduction from me…

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