Saturday, 6 March 2010

Alessio Caforio - Return EP

Another update on another fave label of mine – this one's the latest from Barcelona's Deep Class Records, and comes courtesy of Alessio Caforio, about whom I can't tell you much except he's Italian.

The lead track House In My Deep is just a beautiful piece of chuggy, organ-driven deep house music. It comes in Vocal and Instrumental flavours: the vocal – an unnamed diva telling us "I gotta keep on/you gotta keep on" – might be a bit much for some but I'm loving it, personally. I wish Deep Class would do more vocal stuff, if it's all gonna be as good as this! The EP’s completed by Room Vibe. This is in a similar vein to House In My Deep (ie, organ sounds play a prominent role), albeit this time even deeper, and with a certain filmic quality. And a spoken male vocal I can’t quite make out…

So yeah, top marks all round – another essential release from Deep Class.

Out: Now-ish

About: I've raved plenty about Deep Class before but here's their MySpace anyway, where you can HEAR THESE TRACKS on one of those funny little Beatport player thingummies. And here's Alessio Caforio's MySpace too.

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