Saturday, 6 March 2010

Jayson Brothers - The Game EP

The latest from Zurich's always on-point Drumpoet Community comes from the mysterious Jayson Brothers… which may or may not be an alias or side project of Danilo Plessow, AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble.

Lead track The Game is quite electronic-sounding for DPC, starting out with a very prominent techno kickdrum. But once the cut-up soul/disco vocals come in – it sounds like it could be a Trammps sample but that's a stab in the dark – normal musical service is restored. Nonetheless I'm still preferring Keep On Dancin', a slightly more discofied number with echoes of classic Jersey from the early ’90s in the synth/organ sounds.

Out: Now (but only since yesterday)

About: Drumpoet Community is, as readers of this blog will know, one of my fave labels right now. They're based in Zurich and affiliated to Compost. More info here. You can also read quite an interesting interview with Danilo Plessow here, or find his MySpace here.

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