Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lovebirds - Deep, Down & Discofied

I is havin' one of those weeks. One of those weeks where you're behind with absolutely everything and being pulled in 27 different directions at once, and next seem to have a moment yourself sometime in 2019. So apologies if the blog updates are a bit infrequent!

Still I do have five minutes right now and this one's nice and easy to tell you about cos Lovebirds has kindly done it for you in the EP title! Three tracks, and every one a cracker. You know how certain German producers have been kind of reprising that late-’90s disco house sound? Well so it is on the three tracks here, particularly on The Ride, which would sit perfectly happy alongside the likes of I Feel Good Things For You or Needin' U or Salsoul Nugget or… you get the picture. My pick though is Mandrill, which is a bit more deep and nu-disco-y.

I'd have happily put this in iDJ but it came in WAY too late… still, that's what this blog is for, innit?

Out: This week (yesterday, to be precise)

About: This is the latest from Germany's long-running Knee Deep stable, about whom you can find out more here. And it comes (as you'll have noticed) from Sebastian 'Lovebirds' Doering, who's somewhat of a boy to watch lately, what with releases on Winding Road, Freerange and Om. You can find his MySpace (and also HEAR THESE TRACKS) here.

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