Saturday, 6 March 2010

Buckley & Woodall - Kitch N' Sync

Not quite sure when this is out, cos it says 29/02 and this isn't a leap year; so whether that means 1 March or 29 March, I'm not sure. Anyway, it's gotta be worth a mention cos it marks the return of the Back To Basics label.

So let's mention it. Kitch N' Sync comes from Back To Basics residents Kitch N' Sync and is described on the hype sheet as "a blistering seven minutes of in your face acid futurism". Well, that's a bit hype-y but it's not a bad statement of the track's general intent - I'm reminded of the more out-there moments from Carter's Square Dancing In A Roundhouse album. Chris Duckenfield trading as Half-Inch Jack then provides an even more acid-fried rerub, and there's a slightly more Berlin-ish kind take from Jamie Jones.

All told, it's down n' dirty jackin' house music aimed fair and square at the dancefloor. I can't decide between Duckenfield's mix for its retro charm or Jones's for its more contemporary sound but all three mixes are worth a spin.

Out: Who can say? See above!

About: Back To Basics should need no introduction, though they've not been around as a label for a few years; but yeah, it's the label of the long-running Leeds club of the same name and all the info you could possibly require can be found here.

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