Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mores & Seraphine – Tracks EP

“We realise Mores & Seraphine may be new names to you, but don’t let that discourage you from checking out this exciting offering,” says the press release. Bless. Actually I do check out everything I get sent… just some of it only lasts about 10 seconds*. This three-track EP certainly lasted a lot longer than that. In fact, I listened to it several times, I’ll listen to it again, I’m writing about it on here and I might even play it in public. Hah!

It’s the work of two new Polish producers, and the tracks in question (called Track 1 and Track 2, plus there’s a remix of Track 2 from the UK’s Mr Cenzo as well) basically operate in a nice chunky–but-mellow deep house arena. They lean a little towards the proggy side of things maybe, but not tediously so – only in the way that, say, some of the early Yoshitoshi stuff did. If pushed I’d go for the Mr Cenzo mix (which is the least proggy) but all cuts would be eminently playable in warm-up/post-club type scenarios.

Not got huge amounts to say about it beyond that really but it’s good. So if Mores & Serephine are new names to you, don’t let that… etc.

Out: Now (but only just)

About: This is on Nightbird Music, which is a new-ish label (this is NB004) from Groningen in Holland, run by Sebastian Davidson, who you may recall once had a single of the same name on Seamless (among 40 or so other releases in the past four years). More info (and HEAR THIS) at their MySpace and at Sebastian's own website.

*There are certain nasty synth sounds (or a certain way of rapping in a London accent about what it’s like being a teenager) that will pretty much guarantee that.

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