Thursday, 4 March 2010

Caper - Poker Ghost EP (plus free Caper mix!)

As I've said before on this blog, I like dubstep a lot, but I don't claim to know loads about it as a scene. So I'm not gonna go on too much about this, except to say it's the kind of dubstep I like best: it's not too stupidly gnarly/techy/in your face and it's got a strong reggae influence.

There are three tracks on offer: Poker Ghost itself, Trill Your Soul and Northern Lights. I actually like all three for different reasons. Poker Ghost is the closest to dubstep's UKG roots – don't get me wrong, it's definitely a dubstep record not a retro UKG offering, but you can easily see how we got from Doom's Night and 138 Trek to here!

Northern Lights shows more of a dub influence and hits a bit heavier on the bottom end, but the real treat is Trill Ya Soul: a heavy, heavy slo-mo, dubwise offering complete with soundbwoy vocal from Flip Disc. Next time I play records to people in public (which is in a couple of weeks, actually), this one's gonna be on the playlist for sure.

Out: March 7

About: This is on Cut La Roc's Rocstar label, who are quite good at the whole party breaks/warehouse/bass music thang. More Rocstar info here.

Caper AKA Southampton lad Joe Lambert, meanwhile, seems to be the name on all dubstep fans' lips right now so you probably know more about him than I do, but here's his MySpace just in case, where you might like to note you can still grab the free mix he did for EQ mag.

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