Sunday, 14 March 2010

Tim Andresen - Crash Box

Tim Andresen’s an old friend of iDJ’s – he used to write a column for us on dance music goings-on in Denmark. He’s also one Denmark’s leading house DJs and a pretty dab hand in the studio himself.

Crash Box is a midpaced instrumental from that deep/prog kinda border. It’s not massively groundbreaking or anything – nor is it the kind of thing you’ll be humming all day – but I do like the way the synths spiral off into outer space. No doubt taking many a mind with them!

It’s accompanied by the Alex & Fillip Techbox Remix, a tougher take by far - the kind of house that could appeal equally to Italian techno fans at Cocoon, or something. It’s okay but the Original is the one for me here.

Out: Now

About: This is on What Happens, which is Tim’s own label and pretty well established by now. Find out more at their website.

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