Thursday, 4 March 2010

Borgore - Ambient Dub Shit

Our second featured dubstep release of the week comes from Borgore, AKA Israeli producer and metalhead Asaf Borger, who's apparently better known for his 'gorestep' productions.

Someone tried to introduce me to gorestep last summer… it was a mate's 18yo son and, while I didn't hate it, I had to laugh cos I could guess exactly what it would sound like even before he passed me the headphones. I'm not a big fan TBH, but that's irrelevant cos as far as I can see there's nothing 'gorestep' about Ambient Dub Shit at all. Instead it's a fusion, as the name suggests, of dub vibes with some of the rudest bass you'll hear all week long, starting out nice and mellow then getting seriously down in yer bowels! It'd make the perfect transition tune from traditional dub to dubstep in DJ sets, methinks…

Flipside Birthday & The Black November attempts to do a similar trick with Harold Budd-ish ambient piano instead of dub, but less successfully to these ears: it just kinda leaps from one thing to the other, whereas the bass filth worked a lot better on Ambient Dub Shit cos with dub you EXPECT heavy bass… just maybe not quite that heavy!

Out: This week

About: This is on Audio Phreaks, which seems to be part of the Z Audio label family. You can find out more about Borgore on his MySpace, or by checking out his Gorestep's Most Hated mix which you can download free from Ego Thieves (the mix includes both Ambient Dub Shit and B&TBN, by the way)

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