Sunday, 14 March 2010

DJ Zya - Your Girl’s Favorite DJ

Sorry, but the A-side here is just awful, the very worst kind of ‘cheesy house meets electro meets a rap vocal’. Mere words can’t describe how bad it is, in fact. But it’s made up for by the B-side.

Actually, ‘Windy City’ is pretty cheesy itself. But it’s cheesy in a gloriously camp OTT disco stylee, sounding like some lost rollerdisco anthem from Private Stock records. That multitracked “in old Chicago town” chorus is one step short of sounding like Boney M… but the overall effect is quite pleasing.

Assuming you've got a soft spot for cheesy OTT disco, that is. If you’re here for the deep tech and minimal then I’d move swiftly on if I were you…

Out: Now (since Friday)

About: This is on Play, a curious label from Toronto that over the years has released everthing from ultra-deep house to the campest of kitsch disco-pop. Play is also home to underrated glitterball queen Melleny Melody AKA Melleefresh - think a Lady Miss Kier for the ’00s – and you can find out more here.

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