Sunday, 14 March 2010

Rainer Weichhold - Ride The Horse

A bit late on this one, but it was just too good to ignore… and anyway I’ve promised them, now. So forgive me that it’s been out a few weeks, eh?

The original mix of Ride The Horse is a techy-ish houser with a hip-twisting main riff and – a first in house music that I can remember – a sample of a horse whinnying. Or neighing, or whatever it is that horses do. It sounds a bit daft… well, I suppose it is a bit daft, but it reminds me of days back in the ’90s when we were all a bit less snobbish and chin-strokey, and I like it. So there.

And then you’ve got four remixes to choose from. Robytek & Ralf Armani go all big dark room, with whooshy kicks and maximum loopage; UGLH & Federico Locchi take the track down a more discofied kinda route, and Doomwork deliver a stripped-down pass that owes a little to techno, but only techno in its purest Detroitiest form, with a neat little jazz trumpet riff thrown in for good measure. To round out the EP, Aki Bergen takes us into the very lushest of deep house pastures, with a rub that you could POSSIBLY describe as a bit generic deep, except that it’s just so damn GOOD – up enough for the floor, mellow enough for home, just the way we like it.

So yeah, a pretty spiffing EP all round, then, with a varied set of mixes to appeal to a range of jocks and/or suit a range of moods/times/settings.

Out: For a few weeks now, but like I said it was too good to leave unsung!

About: This is on Italian label Starlight Records, about whom I know very little but here’s their website. Likewise I’m not that clued up on Herr Weichhold, but here’s his MySpace (where you can currently HEAR Ride The Horse for yourself)

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