Thursday, 4 March 2010

Various - The Real Sound Of Chicago

After all that heavy dubstep shizzle, let's go to the other extreme with this, a collection that's subtitled Underground Disco From The Windy City. Featured here are 24 tracks over two CDs, selected by the guys that run the Mr Peabody vinyl emporium in Chicago.

Spanning the years 1976-1985, but mostly from the early ’80s, this is soul, disco and boogie - rather than just glitterball disco – that's about as obscure as it gets. The tracks here were mostly originally only pressed up in short runs on underground Chi-town labels, and one track, The Moore Brothers' Bass Come Back, has never even been out before - it's been remastered from an unused acetate that happened to come into the Peabody guys' possession.

It's a bit hit and miss in places – some things remain obscure for a reason, I guess. But then again, the very tracks I'm not so keen on might be the ones you're feenin' for… My other grumble would be that, while the album comes with impressively detailed sleevenotes, which genius decided to print them in white text on a pale orange background, at something like 5-point?!

Grumbles aside, though, there's plenty here to keep the disco/soul diggers interested – go seek.

Out: Now - in fact it's been out a couple of months but I just found it lurking at the bottom of a pile of CDs and realised I'd not done owt with it. And it's too good to overlook.

About: This is another fine collection from BBE, a label once more associated with hip-hop that in recent years has broadened its horizons and, in the process, quietly become possibly my fave reissues/compilations label right now. For more info on their very checkable back cat, click here. Or to visit the Mr Peabody store, click here.

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