Saturday, 27 March 2010

A round-up thingummy Pt 1

Right, sorry, I've been stupidly busy last couple of weeks, what with the day job, reviewing some robot vacuum cleaners (no really), plus the launch of our new Sunday residency Original Sound Track and trying to organise my birthday party.

I have been remiss and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. Sorry. But had I been blogging the past two weeks, here's what I'd have been blogging about: some releases that get the official This Is Why We Dance seal of approval, starting with stuff that came out last week (ie, w/c Mar 15)

Andrew Grant - Tre Pro Quimby EP (Barraca Music)

There's a track on here called Jazz Piano Triumph. And very aptly-named it is too! Just ace.

D.U.S.K - Patience (Delecto Recordings)

Good Parts - More Rerubs EP (Star-Fi Recordings)

More cheeky re-edit type business from the Star-Fi boys

Master Cris - Magic Box EP (Save Room Records)

Ripperton - Random Violence [Joris Voorn Green Mix] (Green)

Check this even if you didn’t like the album, Voorn’s version is much better and a lot housier.

Moonface - Power People (Endemic Digital)

The Revenge - Forever In Their Debt (Home Taping)

Only the fourth release on very checkable new UK imprint Home Taping. Find 'em on MySpace here.

Tristan Garner Vs Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman [Remixes] (Slip N’ Slide)

Better than you think it’s gonna be, I assure you.

Phonogenic & Sasse - Chi Chi EP (Dieb Audio)

Wascal - Attention Deficit (Rocstar)

One for the dubstep crew

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