Saturday, 6 March 2010

Zoë - Sunday Morning

And now let's slow things down with this lush slab of downtempo/chill-out/trip hop-type "action", which I'm presuming DOESN'T come from the Zoë of Sunshine On A Rainy Day fame all those years ago? Who knows, but probably not cos Discogs lists no fewer than 32 different artists recording just as 'Zoe'. Like, way to choose a distinctive and original name, ladies.

Anyway, three mixes of Sunday Morning are on offer. The Illicit Mix is the most overtly trip-hop of the three; it also uses extensive samples from a certain Hollywood blockbuster*, hence presumably the mix title. The Dub is, well, more dubby, and the one I'll probably be dropping at my new residency OST in a couple of Sundays, and finally there's the S_M Music Remix, which is more of a slo-mo house affair, with some seriously fat acid bass and some nice analogue stabs.

I like all three mixes, actually. Told you it was lush! Don't normally cover a lot of downtempo stuff on here but this was too good to ignore.

Out: Good question… but round about now, certainly.

About: This is on Electric Sheep, a new-ish but very checkable UK label est 2008. Find out more here.

* Which film? Here's a clue: the book's from the 1950s or thereabouts, and about vampires. The film's set now, and they're not vampires, there's been some sort of 28 Days Later-style virus. And the plot's completely different. I quite enjoyed both but I'm glad I saw the film first, cos if I'd read the book then seen the movie I'd have been gutted.

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