Saturday, 6 March 2010

Clemens Rumpf & David A. Tobin - Fire

Traditional soulful vocal house/garage hasn't had much of a look-in on here lately: partly because there's not huge amounts of it about these days, and partly because a lot of what there is, is just so whiny and nasally and limp. However, one label that's been keeping the flag flying is Reelgroove, and here's their latest.

The male vocal here tends towards the preacherman style, with a lyric extolling the virtues of getting down to house music, n' that. Quite why getting down to house music should make it "rain fire" isn't explained, but apparently it's going to. Musically… well, it's just soulful house in various flavours. I think I'd go for the Abicah Soul (main) mix, but the Groove Assassin Dub is also cool and there are mixes from Clemens Rumpf himself as well.

All told, it'll work for those of a Southport/Soul Heaven kinda mindset. For me, though, there's stuff coming out of Germany and elsewhere right now – like the recent Siopis single, for instance – whose fusion of soulful vox with deeper/techier beats is doing it for me more than this kinda thing.

Out: Now-ish.

About: This isn't Reelgroove's strongest, so I feel I should make up for its somewhat lacklustre review by pointing out that Greg Dorban's label DOES actually put out some of the finest vocal house/trad garage around right now! Their Sound Of Reelgroove comps, in particular, are not to be missed. Visit them on t'internet here.

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