Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Alex Flatner & Oliver Klein - Outlandos

This is a bit more techno than would normally find its way onto This Is Why We Dance, but as techno goes it's pretty cool.

The original mix is also pretty straightforward, just a drummy loop that doesn't really go anywhere much, although it does have some nice space disco stabs. Better though is the Santos Provocation Remix on the flip, which goes down a slightly deeper path but also has these kind of spaceship-taking-off noises in the background (nothing so cheesy as a countdown I don't mean, just a steadily rising, rushing synth sound) for added tension.

Like I said, a bit techno-y for me really, but not a bad bet for those locked-on, lost-in-the-groove kinda moments.

Out: Now

About: This is on Circle Records, which is Flatner's own label, and it's the labels 26th release. There's a website here but it doesn't seem to have been updated for a while.

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