Saturday, 10 April 2010

Your Only Friend - The Glass EP

Your Only Friend are Steve Ferano and Tres Manos, and they're to be congratulated in coming up with a record I don't quite know how to describe. I guess you'd call it deep house, but really it's more like downtempo/trip-hop put through a deep house filter; St Germain meets Air in San Francisco, would be another way of putting it. It's good, though: with a dash of jazz here, snippets of sampled rap vox there and THC'd out mellow house beats, it's perfect warm-up/comedown material.

The three tracks - Sandy Bitches, Back From The Dead and Spelunkin - don't vary hugely stylistically, so not gonna go into each one. But they are three tracks, not three remixes of one track, if you know what I mean. And surely one new musical blueprint is enough for any EP.

So yeah, good. More, please.

Out: This has been out since April 1, so is a whole nine days old. I'm so behind the times.

About: This is on YOF's own label Your Only Friend Recordings. Here's what the hype sheet says about 'em:

The duo met in Barcelona at one of the cities infamous ‘Estate’ warehouse parties and immediately became good friends. After many drunken stupors and endless laughs it quickly became apparent that they both shared a unique taste in getting tw**ted and Underground House Music. Though they come from different backgrounds, Tres Manos from the U.S. club and warehouse scene and Steve Ferrand from the U.K. free-party and festival scene, they were both heavily influenced by old Chicago and Detroit house music as well as the U.K.’s early 90’s Deep House sound. What brings them together now is the shared desire to contribute to the House scene by taking it back to its deep, soulful, and gritty roots, but perhaps more importantly to not take any of it too damn seriously!

If that's got you intrigued, click here to visit their website. Oh and look, we've changed fonts completely. Not sure how/why that's happened...

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