Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sean Biddle - Chicago Revolution

Very little in the way of info given here, and they haven’t even sent me a sleeve, but it’s a decent slab of discoid house all the same.

The original’s a simple looping disco groove, Alternative Reality’s LA Mix is a bit more tuff n’ pumping and makes more use of the “from Chicago we’re coming at you live” vocal and crowd noise, and then the Disfunction Remix is tougher still but still pretty disco-tastic, with some additional sampled fem vox thrown in for good measure.

Out: Who can say? Some time around now but they didn't tell me.

About: This is on Nocturnal Recordings, a UK label not to be confused with the Shapeshifters' label Nocturnal Groove. Find 'em on that t’internet here.

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