Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tale Of Us - Upon A Time EP

Another artist debut, this time from a pair of musicians based in sunny Madrid. Karm and Matteo Millieri are their names, and as well as Barraca Music, they've had stuff out between them on ViVA, Isgud and BlaBla, among others.

Their debut as Tale Of Us is a five-track EP. I'm not gonna go into every track one-by-one, but the overall feel is deep house with a vaguely Afro/tribal feel to it, but not in an OTT, annoying kinda way. There are some decidedly jazzy overtones, too, particularly on The Backing Band, which is one of my favourites out of the five tracks – I'm a sucker for brushed snares. But then you've also gotta give it up for Into, with its more floor-friendly, bubbly techno flava.

Quite a varied EP, then, and well worth checking.

Out: For a week or two but ne'ermind.

About: This is on Barraca Music, who were also responsible for the excellent Andrew Grant EP Tre Pro Quimby recently (see 'Round-up thingummy Part 1', below). So that's just two releases in, and I'm digging both. Find ’em online here.

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