Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Roberto Auser & Alden Tyrell - Blondes & Brunettes

Not quite within Bear Funk's usual nu-disco remit, this is instead a mix of heavy low-end funk, echoes of eastern-tinged psychedelia, and the kind of mantric repetitiveness common to both deep house/deep techno, and Krautrock. And I like it, a lot.

In fact, it's one of Bear Funk's best to date. I'd go for Roberto's Bar Mix rather than Alden's Club Mix: on the latter, some of the raw funk feel is toned down in favour of a more linear kickdrum, and while you can see why the mix is there, it doesn't quite have the eccentric charm of the former. If you must have it clubbed up, then Steve Kotey's spacier remix (which has some distinctly Orb-like tendencies!) is a better bet.

Props to Bear Funk for trying something a tad different, cos in this instance, it works brilliantly.

Out: Since yesterday

About: This is on Kotey's Bear Funk label, about whom more can be found here. A Roberto Auser full-length, Secret Carnaval (sic) is due on the label soon.

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