Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Brunch Club - Lost In Creation

Bit of a sad story behind this one. It’s the debut release from a trio based in San Jose, California by the names Lucas Rodenbush, Christian Hunt and Joel Starr. However, Joel Starr has tragically passed away since this was recorded, after contracting meningitis.

Told you it was a sad story. All the more so because this rocks, and house music is the poorer for having lost a talent it didn’t even realise it had yet.

Anyway, the music, and yes, there’s plenty to delight the deeper heads here. Only Lost In Creation itself is really floor fodder, though – the other two cuts, Like Minds and Old Friends, are definitely to filed under ‘late night listening’. All three boast some wicked meandering guitar from Joel himself, in the tradition of the best Cali jazz-fusion of the 70s.

Out: This week

About: This is on Scenic Music, a new label run by The Brunch Club’s Jucas Rodenbush who’s had stuff out as E.B.E before on labels like Plastic City, Yellorange, Grayhound and Soma.

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