Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tania Vulcano & Tato - Teflon

Most of the mixes here are pretty typical of that post-minimal, slightly proggy, heads-down kinda techno-cum-house that you can imagine makes former 'tribal' types like Ms Vulcano feel right at home, in that it's, y'know, all right… it just doesn't go anywhere or do anything.

So this mightn't have made it onto TIWWD, were it not for the not-at-all-snappily-titled Igor Tchkotoua From Pig & Dan Remix, which is an ace slab of much housier deepness. To be fair, this mix doesn't go much of anywhere either, but that doesn't matter cos it's such a lush groove you can listen to it without getting bored for ages…

The Pig & Dan Remix isn't bad either, nor's the Indarts Minidub Mix… but really it's all about Igor's remix here.

Out: Yesterday, I believe.

About: This is on Isgud Records, which is Tania and Tato's own label. Here's their website and MySpace.

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