Friday, 2 April 2010

Short Bus Kids - Don't Talk EP

One day, DK Watts and Lance Leber will make a record I don't love. This latest five-track EP on their own Bounce House isn't it.

The title track is, in their words, "signature Short Bus Kids deep, druggy house"… and I don't really think I can add much to that! The Zip Yo Lip Rework of Don't Talk then ups both the pace (slightly) and the funk ante, with some crazily noodling organs placed quite low in the mix for a more immediate, yet also slightly more out-there feel.

Let It Roll is a more sedate affair, with some nice pads and some drifty male and female vocal snippets; Freestyle is a bouncy 'dancefloor deep' affair with (unsurprisingly given the title) a hip-house vocal; and finally Want Your Love is more percussion-led number with a little bit of a disco sheen but a little late-night trippiness, too.

All told, just more ace deep house out of the Bounce stable. Keep 'em coming boys!

Out: Now

About: This is on Bounce House, as stated, which is DK & Lance's own label and based in San Francisco. This is the label's 20th release and you can find out anything else you need to know* here.

*Well, I say anything else you need to know. Anything else about Bounce House or Short Bus Kids, I mean. Not if, like, you needed to know the specific gravity of barium. You'd be better off with a physics page, in that instance.

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