Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mikael Delta - Tech Me Away

Right, not gonna say huge amounts about this one cos it's essentially a techno release, and techno is by no means my field of expertise. But for one thing, I said I'd give it a mention, and for another, this six-track mini-album is actually pretty deep n' groovy as techno goes. Oh yeah, and it's got Billie Ray Martin on it as well…

Anyway, when I say 'techno', that's speaking technically, if you see what I mean. This has much more in common with tech-house or deep prog than it does with any jackhammer nosebleed bollocks. It's still a bit too techno/electronica-ish for me personally, but I can definitely see the appeal, and Disco Over Me, with its (fairly unsurprising given the title) nu-disco overtones, is the track that just might lure me in…

Out: Since April 1

About: This is on Klik Records, whose website can be found here. They're based in Athens and say that they “find inspiration somewhere among the sounds of electronic music, ranging from deep house, fusion jazz, tech-house, techno, ambient among others…”. They've previously released stuff from artists as diverse as Timo Maas and Terry Lee Brown Jr, Silicone Soul and Way Out West.

Mikael Delta meanwhile is something of a Greek star, it would seem – read about him on Wikipedia or visit his website or MySpace (you can hear some of these tracks at the latter)

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