Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lutzenkirchen - Somebody & The Music EP

I always think Tobias Lutzenkirchen is kind of the househead’s techno producer. I guess you could call this tech-house… but to me it's more housey techno, if that makes sense.

Whatever you call it, it's pretty damn solid dancefloor-moving stuff all the same. The Music features a slightly disembodied and near-spoken black male vocal eulogising "the music" over looping beats and percussion, and would be my pick of the two cuts cos Somebody, while treading a similar path in that it too uses a very house-y style vocal, is a little more overtly techno.

Still, like I say, both will keep bodies moving on the floor. Which is the point, innit?

Out: This week

About: As you may have guessed from the pic, this is on 1605 Music Therapy, the Slovenian label run by the mighty Umek – another man with the knack of making loopy techno that appeals to house peeps. Well, it appeals to me, anyway. Find 1605 Music Therapy online here

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