Friday, 2 April 2010

Ntanos - Let It Fade EP

Never let it be said that TIWWD leaves you short of Greek tech-house, as following the Mihalis Safris offering here's one from fellow Athens chappy, Ntanos. Actually I'd describe this as from the techier end of deep house, rather than as tech-house per se. But still.

What we have here, then, are three mixes of Let It Fade, plus bonus cuts Let's Begin With and Mokoslokos. The three mixes of the chuggy title cut – the original, plus rerubs from Zumo and Ekkohaus – don't vary much, though, and I've said about all I've got to say about it already, really, so let's move on to Let's Begin With. This is a more straight-up housey (ie less techy) affair, with a little of that west coast/east midlands, bumpin' kinda feel to it, chopped-up vox and some lush organ sounds. It's not hugely original or anything but if it ain't broke… me like! And finally there's Mokoslokos, which is more of a midtempo affair with a chunky, electronic funk all of its own… and might actually be my fave cut here.

Ntanos is a producer I've tipped before on these pages and, while this EP isn't the best I've heard from him so far, it's well worth checking and won't harm his growing reputation in deep houses circles one jot. Nice sleeve, too. Reminds me of spirograph drawings, but if you said that to Ntanos he probably wouldn't know what you were talking about because he's only 23 years old, damn him.

Out: Now

About: This is on Flumo Recordings, who I think are Spanish and who have previously put out releases from the likes of Justin 'Peace Division' Drake, Nils Nurnberg, Florian Krause and Bristol's own Mr Happy, Nick Harris. Find 'em larking about in the ether here.

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