Thursday, 8 April 2010

Presetone - Guilty Secret

This is the debut from Presetone, two guys from Holland who between 'em have DJ'd all over, and had stuff out on labels like Renaissance, Stealth and Little Mountain.

The original of Guilty Secret I guess comes under the tech-house banner – they call it "minimal tech house" themselves – but it's a little too glitchy and fidget-y for me. The El Mundo & Satori Remix takes us down a slightly deeper, housier path and is better, but it's when you get to the Marcus Gehring Remix that the fun really begins. His take is deeper again but still dripping in da funk, with some lush organ stabs and a pleasantly driftaway, 5am kinda feel. This is the one I'll be dropping, certainly.

Out: This week

About: This comes on 90Watts, which like Presetone themselves is based in Amsterdam. They seem to be still quite under the radar - according to their website they've had 30-odd releases out over the past 18 months but they're not even listed on Discogs yet as far as I can see. So hit up their site or visit their MySpace to get on their groovy train early!

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