Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hostage - Dub My Disco

All right, so this is really quite cheesy. Which won't surprise anyone, given that it comes from Hed Kandi. But I'm gonna give it a TIWWD mention anyway, for two reasons…

1. Hed Kandi have done quite a lot of stuff, ranging from the really horribly cheesy and awful (see: much of their recent output), to the only mildly cheesy and really quite okay (see: their early Nu Cool comps). Lately most of their stuff I couldn't even bring myself to download, but this isn't bad – not as handbag-y, commercial club-friendly vocal house goes. The girl can sing, there's no horrible electro noises or OTT trance-lite breakdowns/drum rolls… if you heard this after a few sherberts you'd probably even dance to it. And we should surely encourage such improvements.

2. The Unashamed Disco Dolly™ job description does include a penchant for the occasional slab of fromage… otherwise what would there be to be unashamed of?

So yeah, two mixes of the title cut, two of Get High. I'd stick to the Solitaire mix of Dub My Disco but overall, this is a sight better than most stuff they've done of late…

Out: Now

About: This is on Destroy The Disco, which is the new, more electro/neon-friendly face of Hed Kandi in case you weren't aware. I'll let YOU look 'em up online if you've a mind to.

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