Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Uneaq - I Know You Get Down

Not had much straight-up west coast on here for a bit, so just in case you were starting to think the Short Bus Kids are the only house crew left in California (and even one of them lives in Amsterdam), here's one from San Jose-based Uneaq.

Coming in simple main, instrumental and radio mixes, I Know You Get Down is a midtempo deep houser with jazzy leanings and a quality vocal from Jessica Marquez, and will suit those of an Om/Naked Music mindset nicely. 'Bout all I can say, really, except that if you think of Ralf Gum's work with Monique Bingham, this is in similar territory. S'good.

Out: Now

About: Uneaq are the trio of Jessica Marquez, Joshua Marquez and Andrew Lozano, and have been playing together for nine years, starting out as a soul/jazz/hiphop outfit before discovering a taste for the 4/4. Here's their website and MySpace. They've had stuff out before on Om and Motion Music, among others. This comes atcha though on Clique Trax - est. 2009 and just seven releases young! Again, here's a website and MySpace to find out more.

In 'other west coast news', was chatting on Facebook to my boy Parrish [Wintersmith] this morning, of ex-Groove Junkies fame. The big man tells me he's taken some time to regroup and refocus post-GJs and has some new heat coming soon, so watch this space!

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