Sunday, 11 April 2010

Affinity - Static

Don't write about drum & bass on here much, mainly cos I don't get sent very much of it. Which is a shame cos I do like it…

It's the Moving Fusion & Ant Miles of Static that you want to head for: it's a right proper tear-out and no mistake guv'nor! It harks back to the early days of D&B/jungle circa 1993, via tech-step circa 1996, but with the pristine sheen of a contemporary Hospital records production, too. Nice.

You also get a dark and mangled dubstep remix from Reso plus the tearing, tech-y breaks of the original, but it's the D&B mix for me by a mile. Or by 1.6km, if you're metrically inclined.

Out: This week on vinyl, from April 19 digitally

About: This is on Never Say Die, quite a new dubstep and breaks label with a penchant for the harder styles (or at least that's what they've concentrated on so far). They've had stuff out before from Ctrl-Z, High Rankin, Freestylers, Noisia and Foreign Beggars; check out their MySpace and website for more info. Be quick and you can HEAR THESE TRACKS on the MySpace, too.

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