Saturday, 17 April 2010

Deep Soul Unit - Limits EP

South Africa is really coming into its own as a haven of production talent right now, emerging the way Eastern Europe did a few years ago. This latest from Deep Soul Unit won't hurt matters.

Despite the name, this is deep more than soulful. A Day In The Forest is a midtempo bordering on downtempo affair with sampled sounds of rainforests, birdsong and so on. One for warm-up use, methinks. Deep Memories is an exercise in late-night driftaway loveliness with some LUSH chords, while Both World is in a similar vein but a little more synth-y and a tiny bit proggy.

What this EP highlights nicely is that for every Afro-centric township artist coming out of SA, there's also plenty of straight-up house music without, y'know, all the congas and chanting n' that. Not that it's not good for South Africans to put their regional stamp on things, but I'm not a huge lover of Afro vibes generally and for me some of the stuff the likes of Vega are pushing is a bit like if all French house records had accordions on them. This, on the other hand, is just deep house, plain and simple.

Out: This week

About: This is on Joseph Mercado's Next Dimension Music label. They're based in Arizona, but online they live here (website) and here (MySpace).

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