Friday, 16 April 2010

Juliet Sikora, Tube & Berger - La Boca Loca

This could be written off as just your bog-standard 'right now' kinda tech-houser, were it for the inclusion of some peculiar noises that lend the track a unique character. These are hinted at by the sleeve, because the track's distinguishing characteristic is what sounds like an elephant trumpeting (but is probably just a muted trumpet, I'm guessing). There's also, on the original mix, a little parping burst of the same that sounds remarkably like someone saying "fuck off", but probably isn't…

Mix-wise the Original has lots of rattly Latin percussion, the Simon2 remix is more your straight-up tech-house, but the pick by far for me is the Daniel Steinberg remix, which adds a hefty funky bassline slightly reminiscent of The Fog's Been A Long Time, some ace Joey Negro-esque space disco stabs and just the teensiest, weeniest bit of acid (as well as a very brief vocal interlude in some language I can't identify). It's this mix that's earned it its place on this blog, really.

Out: This week

About: This is on Kitt Ball Records, who are based in Solingen, Germany. This is their 16th release, they're previously best known for their charity compilation It Began In Africa, and you can find out all about 'em by visiting their website and MySpace, at the latter of which you can currently HEAR THESE TRACKS as well.

Ah, now you see, no sooner had I finished writing this than I realised the website actually tells you that the funny noises in question are actually from a 'mouth trumpet'. Which I'd not heard of before so I looked it up on Wikipedia

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