Monday, 21 September 2009

X-Press 2 - Muzikizum/Lazy 2009

Apparently the story here is that these two remixes were submitted on spec, and Skint liked 'em so much they decide to release them. Warms the cockles, dunnit?

So, we have a new mix of Muzikizum by none other than Agent Matteo, who's become something of a regular on this page. As you'd expect from the boy it's got deepness in spades and for me, renders playable a track that I would never have played in its original incarnation. Which is what remixes are for, I guess! Nice on Matty.

Meanwhile, there's a new 2009 rub of Lazy by electro house bod Lazy Rich. You can see why he'd think of that one, can't you? And I'm kind of divided on this one. Musically, it's fine – quite driving but a hundred miles from the worst OTT excesses of electro house – and I'm sure the familiar vocal would tempt quite a few people onto the floor. I'm just not sure whether I'm quite ready to be hearing it again, is all…

About the label: It's on Skint. You know Skint, surely? But for consistency's sake here's the website.

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