Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dan McKie - Off The Beat

I'm not saying I'm totally in love with this one, but I get sent a lot of stuff by Dan McKie, or on his 1980 Recordings label, and most of it is way too electro-shouty-main room for me. This however is somewhat more acceptable so it's about time the lad from Acton got some coverage!

Off The Beat is still pretty main room, mind you, so I'd suggest sticking to the Tom Tuc Remix, which has a deeper feel with its tribal percussion and some nice pads… The other reason this has made the cut is cos it's got just a hint of a hip-house vocal, and I'm a sucker for hip-house vocals.

About the label: This is on Pacha Recordings, and I'm sure you don't need Pacha explaining. So here are links to the websites of Dan McKie and 1980 Recordings instead.

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