Thursday, 10 September 2009

Ken Fan - Chinese Whispers

"A tech-house bomb," it says on the hype sheet, and this is one of those all-too-rare occasions where they're not kidding.

Chinese Whispers doesn't actually DO huge amounts in any of its four mixes, admittedly. It's just a simple, lolloping house groove with some tech-y noises on top – with a neat little wiggly-wobbly rising break that I'm GUESSING may be based on some kind of crazy Oriental achromatic scale, but alternatively I could be talking completely out of my arse, which has been known. It definitely does the do, though.

Mix-wise you've got fairly self-explanatory Original, Deeper and Stripped mixes, of which I'm liking the Deeper Mix best for the somewhat Plastic Dreams-y bass stab – plus an ever-so-slightly busier rub from Hauswerks. But the more I talk about it, the more I undersell this cut's essential simplicity, so I'll shush now. Suffice to say if you dig deep house, minimal or deep, groovy techno then you need to check for this.

About the label: It's another corker from Seamless Black Label, pop kids… a label that's been doing plenty right of late. More info at their internet page.

PS Coincidentally, I got sent another track called Chinese Whispers this month, too. That one's by Sei A, is out now on Gigolo, and is all right in a minimal kinda way. But the Ken Fan record's better.

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