Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Moody Twin - Twins N Bassbins

This, so the hype sheet tells us, is "a collection of tracks for an all-night groove experience". That's actually a bit of an over-statement cos the seven tracks actually only total about 41 minutes, ha ha, but there's certainly plenty to get your teeth into.

Moody Twin, the crossword buffs among you will notice, is an anagram of Tim N' Woody, AKA Star-Fi label bosses Steven 'I Am The Woodstar' Wood and Tim 'Lo-Fi' Stoakes. Steven has described the Moody Twin sound to me as a halfway house between his 'deep and leftfield' house and Tim's '4am dancefloor minimal'. As for my own HO, well I'd describe Twins N' Bassbins itself, in its Original Mix form, as deep and groovy techno with a subtle dash of acid. S'nice. Tim's 4am Mix is a bit more stripped-down and trippy, the IATW Midnight Mix is a tad housier with a slightly 'electro' (in the modern sense) feel to it, while the Hop N' Drop Mix is the joker in the pack, a weirded-out late night, trip hoppy kinda rub.

You also get three bonus tracks, Little Drummer Boy, I Like It Sometimes and BiPolar In Order. The latter sees them wandering into synthy Italo-disco pastures, I Like It Sometimes is a trip down rave/bleep memory lane while Little Drummer Boy is something of an oddity, with a foot in each of those camps but with an added indietronica kinda feel.

All told it's a package with a little something for everyone! For me it's the Original Mix of Twins N' Bassbins and I Like It Sometimes that I'm feeling the most but y'know, take your pick!

About the label: Star-Fi is the label that Tim 'n' Woody run out of Nottingham and Croydon. Techno-savvy 21st Century dudes that they are, they've only gone and got themselves their very own page on that MySpacebook thing on the Worldwide Information Supernet, haven't they, the rascals? Point and click here to 'surf' at it, as I believe is the correct terminology.

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