Monday, 21 September 2009

Miguel Migs - Dubs & Rerubs

A real treat for the deep house lovers, as here we have a four-track EP featuring previously unreleased Migs rubs of cuts by Kaskade, New Mondo, Joe Pompeo and Migs himself.

Don't be put off by the names, by the way: New Mondo and (particularly) Kaskade may have veered into pop territory at times, but these are all tracks that have been up till now the sole preserve of Migs' DJ sets (far too rare an occurrence on these shores BTW), so this is proper bumpin' left coast dancefloor tackle all the way. The pick for me is the Unreleased Dub Deluxe mix of Migs' own Sometime with its dancefloor-energising 'we can go all night' vocal, but there's not a track here – from Pompeo's sax-flecked Try To Love Me to the Chicago-isms of New Mondo's 808 – that's not scoring at least 9/10. If we did marks here. Not much else to say, this is a proper must-have west coast house bomb and it's OUT THIS WEEK on Traxsource.

About the label: Salted is of course Migs' own label and pretty much anything with the Salted logo on it is guaranteed to be a killer, IMNERHO, so check out their website here.

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