Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Timo Garcia - Swing Thing

Timo Garcia is one of those DJs/producers who's been plugging away on the UK house scene for years, with releases on Cr2 and Toolroom as well as his own Berwick Street label. Swing Thing sees the lad take a step up, though, cos it's been snapped up by the mighty Nervous (we're not worthy, etc) in the US.

In its Original Mix form, Swing Thing is a percussion-led affair that then, somewhat unexpectedly, mutates into the Charleston. It's sort of like Doop only, y'know, not shit. Demarkus Lewis turns in a remix that's pretty much just a deep house set-filler, with just the slightest of nods to the Charleston in the melody, while Reuben Keeney's rub is a glitchy, vaguely techno affair that I don't really understand. BUT THEN we come to the rather sterling Jenkinsound Remix, which is by none other than iDJ's very own Dave Jenkins and his brother Pete. Their take on Swing Thing sees the track transformed into a groovalicious liquid funk roller with all the 1920s stylings still intact that's actually my favourite mix… and I'm not just saying that cos I've got to sit across a desk from him for the rest of the week.

About the label: Nervous! Our very own Dai The Records on Nervous! How exciting. Anyway unless you're, like, 13 or something you don't need me to explain who Nervous are but here's their website anyway.

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