Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Soul Minority - Retroplex

Had quite a few bits through on Ireland's excellent Elevation imprint in the last week or two… this one I think is out already though so it's going straight on here! Can't tell you anything whatsoever about Soul Minority but suffice to say those who've already cottoned on to Elevation's tidy line in deep house won't be disappointed, while if you haven't then now's your chance to 'wise up' as I believe they say in Ireland.

The title track here comes in three mixes, the original plus rerubs from Alex Attias and Daniel Kyo. A sparse, experimental kinda number, it's okay, though those with an aversion to falsetto vox may wish to look elsewhere. I'd plump for Kyo's rub but I'm actually preferring the two bonus tracks. Gotta Move is a deep chugger that's a solid bet for warm-up or afterhours play, but the real gem is Housemusic, which is driven by solid 4/4 kicks and oddly clap-like snares. It's one of those tracks that will only appeal to proper househeads, but drop it on the right floor and it'll slay 'em.

About the label: Elevation is probably the best deep house label out of Ireland right now, nuff said. Find 'em on MySpace here, where you can also hear Retroplex for yourself.

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